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Why You Need to Secure Your Website with HTTPS

  • By: AhmedTaeha
  • December 8, 2021
Why You Need to Secure Your Website with HTTPS

Do you have a solid online presence and potential customers visiting you daily and increasing your conversions? Are you happy with your website’s success and smooth progress? How about securing your web pages from getting exposed to cyber-attacks? Did you know, almost 82% of the users skip navigating those websites that are not secure?

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Website security is of utmost importance via HTTPS and not only this provides you maximum security but helps you improve ranking on search engines. With that said, it has become a worldwide practice and more and more organizations are loving this idea to get safe and secure. 

This is indeed a great opportunity to sustain long-term relationships with the customers and at the same time, establish an online presence. All high-quality websites contain HTTPS, as they care for their visitors and their unique data and information. Try considering it as a prerequisite for your website and install it. 

So, we have compiled some of the common benefits of integrating HTTPS in your website and how it plays an integral part in your business’s success. Let’s dive right into it.

What is HTTPS?

HTTPS- means hypertext transfer protocol and that extra ‘s’ you see indicates safety and security. HTTPS is an internet communication protocol or the rules used to transfer and protect the data between a user and a website. 

This mechanism saves the user or website owners from data theft in the middle of the interaction such as credit card info and other login information. Therefore, if your website is filled with sensitive information then it’s the right time to start embedding HTTPS in your website.

Improved Search Engine Rankings

Finally, Google has stated websites with HTTPS security will get more preference and favor than non-secure websites. It has become one of the most powerful channels to hit the top of search engines. Over 40% of the users are more likely to favor HTTPS websites. 

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If you’re not paying heed to SEO, then you may struggle to get sufficient traffic. On the other hand, if you prioritize HTTPS security over HTTP then you can observe a drastic change in the number of visitors and boost rankings. 

Builds Trust

When customers see the website address labeled as ‘not secure’ they tend to leave the site without any second thoughts, considering it as a red flag. On the contrary, HTTPS websites give users a sigh of relief and peace of mind that they won’t be getting exposed to any sort of online attacks. This multiplies the trust factor and you can expect a flock of customers to your website.

Increase Conversions

Users might not be technically sound in the HTTPS mechanism but they are aware of which sites are HTTPS secure and which ones lack. Therefore, if your website is not HTTPS secure, chances are many visitors would be reluctant to pay a visit to your website. 

Having an HTTPS secured website means, users can finally trust you as an entity and credibility and they won’t have a hard time purchasing your products and services. Primarily, you can see a resounding difference in the leads and generation of HTTP and HTTPS websites.

Improves User Security

As the HTTPS secured website maintains the privacy of your website and the user, SSL is the term that you might come across frequently. SSL reduces the vulnerability from data breaches and keeps the information secured as much as possible. So, if you care for your customer’s experience and your website’s success then you should take security factors seriously to fine-tune the user experience to a greater extent.

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HTTPS is essential when you have an e-commerce type business where customers are bound to enter their purchase or payment details. To prevent their sensitive information from getting stolen, it is imperative to consider HTTPS secured websites.